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We provide assistance to Orphans in formerly disadvantaged communities in the valley of 1000 hills and as such we are 100% BEE Compliant.



An AIDS epidemic is sweeping through the poor of this area. Kwa-Zulu/Natal has the highest HIV infection rate in the world and the Valley of 1000 Hills is probably the epicentre of the world wide AIDS epidemic.



Historically the Valley of a thousand Hills area has been a neglected area and long term poverty has taken its toll. It is only recently that communal water, electricity and tarred roads are being provided by the Municipal authorities.



There is much superstitions in these communities and many lies have been spread among the poor and relatively uneducated. Some traditional healers and leaders have exacerbated the spread of HIV/ÁIDS.



There are a variety of ways you can help OrphanAid. You can help through Donations, Sponsorship and Volunteering.


There are many opportunities and areas for businesses, churches, schools and individuals to get involved and make a difference:

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Our Vision is to show God's love and grace to children affected by HIV/AIDS. To act as a bridge between rich and poor, black and white, north and south, educated and uneducated. To be a prophetic catalyst of God's heart for the poor in both the wider community and the local community of the Valley of 1000 Hills and the surrounding areas.

We use our resources to reach out to underprivileged, broken and hurting people, children - especially orphans - and adults, bringing healing, wholeness and empowerment through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some of the areas we focus on.


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You can make a difference.

You time or skills can make a difference. Volunteer to transform the lives of some children.

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